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They call the rip the Lambda, though you don’t know that when you fall through. You learn the name only when you awaken, and find yourself somewhere different, somewhere new, somewhere alien.

This is a wild planet, unmapped and untamed, and you?

Well, you’re stuck here now.

But you’re not alone. There are other refugees here on this untamed world, people from other times and places who’ve fallen through just like you have. Big and small, human and alien, robots and organics, they’re all as far away from home as you are on this rocky, barren world.

And if that weren’t complicated enough, you’ve woken up just slightly changed. You’re claimed now, branded, aligned with one of the titan-like Firstforged, plucked from the wilds where their Acolytes found you before the darkness could. They will help you, they say, if you help them. They will house you, feed you, and work to find a way to restore you back to your world if you help them prepare theirs, build theirs, for the coming of their god. Please them, and they may see fit to reward you with a touch of divinity.

Anger them, and you might find yourself alone.

Alone, the darkness is always waiting, hungry.

Work together, and you will gain influence on a new and primordeal
world. Gain influence, and you will impact the building of this planet's budding life, civilization, and destiny. Impact the world, and you will become a legend. A hero. A villain. The power is in your hands, newcomer, refugee, prisoner, should you learn to make use of it.

What will you chose?

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